FLW Series

This was a pretty good tournament for me.

Like most of the anglers, I pretty much sight fished the entire tournament. I wish i would have planned my days in more detail. This was pretty much the first tournament in my 20+ years that i relied 100% on sight fishing. It's a mental game and i made some costly errors. I had a solid plan for each day, and if it had went according to plan i would have made a top ten. What i didn't plan for is hooking one outside the mouth and having to return it, and breaking off my best fish of the tournament. I know, its part of it. Next time a sight fishing war sets up like this i will be more prepared. On a positive note. I met one of the nicest co-anglers i have ever met. I admit at first i was a little worried. he showed up dressed up in these bright flowery shirts and i thought to myself this is going to be a fun day. "Sarcasm" Him and his wife had drove here from east Texas. They pretty much made a vacation out of it. We headed to our first stop and i could tell he wasn't very good at sight fishing and wasn't happy that was what we were doing. Every fish that i set up on there would be a smaller one close that i would tell him where it was, but he was having a hard time seeing them. After i got a limit i had found a two pound fish that bit my bait right off. i didn't set the hook and turned the boat around and set the Power-Poles down so he could work it. It took him about 15 minutes to get it in the right spot, but he finally bit and he hooked it. It was tough getting it in the boat because it was over a cable but he finally got it in the net. i don't think i have ever seen someone as excited as he was over a little two pound spot. he informed he had never sight fish and thought that was the coolest thing. It made my day and my tournament. I cashed a good check and look forward to going back again next year.