FX Custom Rods

Whether you want a rod that is already built, or a one of a kind custom, we have built our company on a "Customer First, Customer Always" motto.  Some, if not all of the above reasons, and many more, are what have always been important to us as rod customers in the past, and are now vitally important to us as a rod company.  While we feel we have the best rod available in its price range, we are even more concerned with making sure our Customer Service is top notch.  After having served 20 years in the US Navy, 15 of which were in a customer service role, Co-Owner and customer specialist Bryan McCarthy understands how important it is keep our customers happy "on the water".  We strive to put the best rod we can on the market at the best price.  We have made our warranty very competitive and know that if we put out a great product at a great price, we don't have to worry about our warranty (because we built them to stand up to the test!)